apple blossoms
Happy Weekend, friends! Hooray for Easter weekend, a chance to seek and find neon plastic eggs, eat chocolate rabbits, and most importantly, celebrate Jesus. He is risen indeed! 

But before I check out for the weekend, I've created my always and forever Bits and Pieces from my week. One photo, lessons learned, and a lot of lovely links to go around:

10 things your blog should definitely have.

And 10 reasons why you should blog. 

The cutest little cakes you've ever seen.

I want this in my backyard--don't you?

I've always been a fan of these bowls, but now that there's a DIY-able version of them out there? Yep, I'm sold.

I'm choosing spring adventures instead of spring cleaning and I think you will/should, too!

I've never baked a (single-serving) cake in a mug before, but this one has got me thinking I need to try it. Have you ever made brownies or cakes in a mug before?

So excited about this collaboration!

Because Easter is for every (single) day.

This kitchen is lovely, just lovely.

And this calligraphy work is my fave.

This link-up is such a brilliant and refreshing idea.

Speaking of link-ups, have you linked up with The Circle yet? The link-up goes through the end of this month and I cannot wait to read your post! 

How to have (real, true) hope.

Another beautiful new-to-me photographer worth checking out.

And some wise words on how to handle criticism.

I really, really, REALLY want to attend or host a party like this someday. Like, really.

Be your change.

Make sure to find some time to play this weekend, okay? As a teacher, I cannot say how much I adore playing and enjoying time with kids. They really do change how you view things and remind you to let loose and have fun, too!

Have a great one!


the circle april 2014.
It's April and you know what that means! It's time for another edition of The Circle. This month's co-host and I have been working hard to come up with a fun topic and I'm so excited about what we ended up with. But before I tell you more about the topic, let me introduce you to her:

 photo 1472014_10201709612154446_1854001400_n2.jpg
Hello! I'm Jess and I blog over at Polished Arrow where I talk and ramble on about a little bit of everything under the sun. I'm a twenty-something single who loves coffee, books, journaling, sunrises, and lying in my hammock. I love to travel and dream of going everywhere one day. Jesus is a huge part of my life and through Him I've been able to live and serve in some pretty fun places across the nation, like New Orleans and Tahoe City in California! I'm an introvert who loves people and wants everyone to know and believe their worth, that they matter, that they have a story worth telling. I'm so excited to be here with you guys today! Thank you, Kiki, for this fun opportunity!

Jess is just one of those girls that you know is amazing--and that's just when you see her smile! This girl is full of honesty, encouragement, Jesus' love, and so much more. Having another sister in Christ who's waiting and trusting in His timing for marriage has been such a blessing and exchanging emails with her and bonding over TV has brought us even closer.

Speaking of TV, when Jess and I were discussing what topic we would choose, she suggested that we do a play on a well-known skit of the one and only Jimmy Fallon. To be honest, I hadn't heard of it before but once I watched a clip or two, I was hooked and ready to write some thank you notes. If you, too, are unfamiliar with these notes, take a look:

While I know that most of us are not born with the gift of comedy (ahem, me), Jess and I have also realized that it's of equal importance to write sincere thank you notes to those people and things around you that you're thankful for, too. Think of them as little notes of love or laughter. You take your pick!

thank you notes the circle edition
That said, here are a few of the thank you notes that I'd write. Little things that are on my heart and mind. Now I just need someone to play some thank you note writing music for me...

Thank you bubbles for being the best and most magical pick-me-up for kids (and adults) of all ages.

Thank you Trader Joe's for being a grocery store for the kids at heart. From your packaging, to your product names, and fun flavors, you've got my heart...and my waistline.

Thank you white legs for being my go-to white balance while taking photos outside. Who would've guessed pale legs could come in handy?

Thank you late nights for being the prime time for my blog posts to go out. Maybe that's why my posts have had so many typos lately?

Thank you smart sponsored ads for being so smart and knowing where I've been searching and what I've been window shopping for. If you ask me, though, it's verging on creepy, not smart.

Thank you Let it Goat for giving me a chuckle after hearing the Frozen soundtrack 24/7 at work played on the CD player and sung by the most passionate 3-5 year olds ever. #themostrequestedsongever

So what are you thankful--or not-so-thankful--for? Jess and I cannot wait to see what you come up with! I'm hoping I can even use the old Twitter to tweet some of my faves (finger's crossed I remember, haha).

To join, all you have to do is write your post, grab a button, link-up and meet some other bloggers in The Circle! If you're social media savvy, you can also use hashtag #thecirclelinkup, too! 

In Its Time


I've had some people ask me about my room, what it looks like, how I style it, and the like. I've told people I would "someday" but truth is, I haven't really wanted to share the current state of my room because I don't actually like how it looks.

The paint on the walls is from middle school when I went through a lavender/purple-everything stage. Think duvet cover, bedskirt, walls, frames, flowers, and curtains, too. Yeah. Not really my favorite anymore.
The current duvet cover (not pictured in this set, but pictured here) is a little newer than the wall colors, but definitely does not go with the grey-ish purple walls. I got it in high school when I went through my darker but still brighter pink and orange stage. Yeah. Not really my favorite anymore either.
So that brings me to now. A lover of neutrals (I guess I had enough color?), simplicity, clean lines, and lots of photos and frames. I love decorating but have yet to get to the walls and bedding. So I've rearranged shelves, added some books, added an exercise ball (that serves as a desk chair), cleaned out some toys (aka asked to store them in the attic), moved the dresser to inside the closet, and added an IKEA desk, too.
It's not a pretty state and nowhere near where I want it to be, but it's my room and here's a little glimpse into it. To be completely honest, it doesn't actually look like this now because I've changed a few things around, but since I like it so much, I'm not going to share it because I want to keep it and share the entire thing once I paint the walls this summer. So that's what it looked like back in November/December-ish (ahem).

And here are my plans for the future. Little tweaks and changes that I'd like to make to make my room, more me and less of the girl I used to be.
  • Paint the walls light grey. Not too blue or purple, but a lovely light grey color. I want my room to be light and bright; like this color, perhaps?
  • Add a corner gallery wall. I spotted one tutorial here and fell in love with the idea and concept. Now I just need to get some more frames to do it!
  • Buy/thrift a reading chair. Everyone needs a cozy spot to read, right? If you've got any recommendations, I'd love to hear it!
  • Clean out my closet. I've got lots of clothes in my dresser drawers that need to be donated and I've got tons of knick-knacks or other memorabilia stuffed in boxes that needs to be organized and cleaned out, too. It's spring and some spring cleaning is in dire need in my room! 
So there you go. A little glimpse into my room and a long to-do list, too. Have you shared a tour of your home/apartment/bedroom before? What is your inspiration for your bedroom? Here's a look into what I'd love mine to look like, if you're curious (these three rooms being my top faves)!