Note: I've got another amazing Everyday Moments post for you today! It's truly been a pleasure to not only have so many amazing women be a part of this series but it's also been a great way for me to get to know them (and you!) better, too. That, and I'm learning so much about myself in these everyday moments. Today's post, for example, really makes me want to go snuggle up with my pup. You'll see why in a second!

for as long as i can remember, i've always had a pet. i love animals of all kinds, but there is just something about a dog. they're loyal. they're your best friend. they snuggle with you when you're feeling sad. they play with you and make you laugh. they follow you around and always want to be with you. they are always SO happy to see you, no matter what!

even if you've had a super long & horrible day, when you get home and that tail starts wagging you can't help but smile! they are happy to see YOU. they treat you like you're their hero. like you hung the moon. and even if they disobey, bark too much, or eat an entire loaf of your bread.... they still have this way of warming your heart. there is just something about a dog.

one of my favorite moments during the day is sitting in the floor and giving some attention to these faithful friends. to give back some of the love they fill me up with. even though they have been locked in a room all day while i'm at work... when i get home they have nothing but love to give me. they overflow with grace. they exude joy like i wish that i did. they are full of LIFE. when i get frustrated at them, they instantly forgive me. when i feel defeated and like i don't have a friend in the world... there they are. always.

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I've always loved the word grace. There's a certain beauty about that word and a certain peaceful quality about it, too. Maybe it's just the nerd in me, but I like words and grace is one of those words.

But there's more to grace than just the sound that it makes when it leaves your mouth. There's much more to it.

The word grace means life. It means faith. It means forgiveness. I came across a quote on Pinterest the other day and it really stuck. I think it originated from another blogger and I couldn't shake the words out of the back of my mind.

"Grace is forgiving. Grace is also for giving."

Grace means forgiveness. It means mercy. It means wiping the slate clean when life gets messy. It means a fresh start. It means life, and Jesus, and so much more than I could ever fully grasp or understand.

Grace is amazing. And while it's an amazing thing for me to grasp, I also need to give some of it away. I can't just live thinking that I'm the only recipient of grace. Or that Jesus is the only giver of grace. Grace is free to give and free to receive. And it's not just forgiving. It's for giving, too.

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4/14: snacking. 
4/15: snail mail surprises. 
4/16: cutest succulent of them all. 
4/17: special occasion.
4/18: sister's spanish homework. 
4/19: lunching. 
4/20: Easter story prep. 
cinnamon rolls
Easter morning cinnamon rolls. 
resurrection eggs
Sunday Schooling. 
dogwood blooms. 
so very many eggs.
easter bunny
and an earless rabbit. 
can't get enough. 
carrot cake
Easter dessert. 
Happy (belated) Easter, my dear friends! I debated on sharing some photos from my not-so-eventful Easter, but in the end figured why not. I mean, it is my blog after all. But anyway, how was your Easter? Did you search for or find any eggs? I put together four dozen eggs for the little preschoolers in my Sunday School class, created some Resurrection Eggs to help teach them the Easter Story and then watched them as they found all forty-something eggs in less than five minutes. FIVE MINUTES. It's crazy, I tell ya.

Anyway, I'm thinking you could say I thoroughly enjoyed my Easter Sunday. Tons of sweets (that chocolate bunny isn't mine, I promise!), lots of laid-back family time, and lots of celebration, too. So I guess you could say I had a pretty good Easter.

How about you?